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A new way of investing

''Somos una Consultora de Capital Privado especializada en inversiones en criptomonedas.''

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Nuestros Socios

Foto de Martín Poblete
Martín es abogado, economista e inversor con un profundo conocimiento del derecho corporativo y del sector cripto. Es socio de Nozama Green LTD y XHYPE.
Su pasión por el potencial de la tecnología blockchain y las criptomonedas le llevó a crear Holders & Brothers para innovar dentro del sector.

Martín Poblete - CEO y CO-FUNDADOR

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  • Why Holders&Brothers?
    Because we are the only firm specialized in the blockchain and crypto sector committed to providing comprehensive support to investors.
  • What do I need to start?
    All you need is determination and to be well advised by experts and professionals like us.
  • I've always wanted to invest, but i don't have money right now. What should I do?
    First of all, start by looking for a job that allows you to save. The next step is to learn how to invest those savings. And when you have this knowledge, begin investing gradually to generate profits. 
  • I want to make a USDT/FIAT or viceversa exchange with you, what is the next step?
    Contact to us:
  • What content is available in the Private Telegram Group?
    You will find different channels within the group: daily economic news to stay updated in real-time, a podcast summary of the most important developments of the day, tutorials on accessing future airdrops, our market insights, exclusive content from our academy and a discussion chat where you can ask any questions you may have.
  • How do I join your academy?
    In the SERVICES section you will find the ACADEMY section. Click on the start button and you will be contacted by our team.
  • Do I need prior knowledge to start your academy?
    You don't need any prior knowledge. In our academy, you will learn everything you need to know from scratch and step by step to become an expert in the sector.
  • How long does it take to complete your academy?
    Our academy consists of a series of videos where we release 1 video per week, each with a duration of 1 hour. New knowledge is acquired every day, as it's a growing sector.
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