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Santiago Poblete Páez




Santiago Poblete Páez is a seasoned entrepreneur and professional in the world of finance and technology. As a co-founder of Holders&Brothers and concurrently holding the positions of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the company, Santiago has proven to be an exceptional leader in the industry.

In addition to his role at Holders&Brothers, Santiago is also a partner in two other prominent companies in the technology and finance sector. He is a partner at Nozama Tech LTD, a company at the forefront of technological innovation, and also a partner at XHYPE OÜ, a leading company in high-impact digital and technological solutions.

While Santiago pursued a degree in law in his academic background, his true passion lies in the world of finance, economics, and technology. He has dedicated his career to exploring and deeply understanding the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, two areas that are constantly evolving and have a significant impact on the global financial landscape.

One of Santiago's most notable achievements is his ability to manage an investment fund valued at more than 8 digits. This accomplishment speaks not only to his profound knowledge of financial markets but also to his ability to make strategic decisions and efficiently manage assets.

Santiago Poblete Páez is recognized for his ability to combine his technology expertise with his financial vision, enabling him to lead successful projects in a highly competitive and ever-changing business environment. His dedication to excellence and commitment to innovation continue to drive his success in the world of business and investments.

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